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Xquipi' Guie'dani (El ombligo de Guie'dani)

Drama | September 27th, 2019

Featuring a star-making performance by Sótera Cruz, a young actress who plays the title character, this unique coming-of-age narrative explores the racism encountered by indigenous people in Mexico. Guie'dani (Cruz) is a Zapotec teenager who moves to Mexico City with her mother to work as a housekeeper for an upper-middle-class family. There, their language is mocked, and psychological subjugation is inflicted. Yet, Guie'dani rejects the life of servitude and seeks her own identity through a friendship with another rebellious teen.

Xquipi' Guie'dani (El ombligo de Guie'dani) Poster
castMonica del Carmen
Yuriria del Carmen
Erika Lopez
Jeronimo Kesselman
Majo Alfaroh
Juan Rivers
directorXavi Sala
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